Testimonials - Pest Control in West Florida

Proud to Know Lee Tate

I’m proud to know Lee Tate and have him as a colleague in the pest control industry. Lee is an extremely hard working, conscientious, and organized business owner that cares about his staff and his clients. Lee is also a Godly man who loves his wife Crystal and daughter Aubrey. The world needs more Lee Tate’s! If I lived in Lee’s area his company, Bug Out Service, would be my pest control company of choice!

— Stuart Aust: Industry Leader, (The Aust Group: A Mergers and Acquisitions Company)

Best Choice

My forty plus years in the pest control industry has given me the opportunity to meet many great people including Lee Tate and his family. For 25 years, I have observed firsthand the dedication demonstrated by Bug Out Service of West Florida to their employees and customers. I am convinced Bug Out is your best choice for all your pest control needs.

— Paul Felker: Industry Leader, (Environmental Pest Services: Board of Directors)

Great Company!

Our company has been using Bug Out for many, many years. They have always given us excellent service. The employees are very polite and are genuinely concerned about us being happy with them.

— Deniece D. in Pensacola, FL

The Best!

I have been a fan of Bug Out since I moved here in 2007. They have been prompt, professional and helpful. The one and only time I had a problem, due to unusual weather conditions, they were able to resolve the situation immediately. Everyone is always pleasant and easy to work with. Why go to anyone else????

— David K. in Pensacola, FL

Professional & Personal - Immense Expertise

We have been with Bug Out for over twelve years and two homes. Dwight and the Bug Out team were instrumental in the purchase and upkeep of our current home. Not only has their pest control been first rate but they have been supportive with our home improvement projects and not been afraid to offer constructive opinions when they saw issues. In fact, we could have kept the previous owner's pest control company and warranty intact with our current home (and saved money) but we felt it was more important to have Bug Out in our lives.

Despite the fact that they are busy, they are always willing to be available when we need them. We love this personal touch. We don't recommend many businesses to our friends and colleagues but Bug Out is one of the few that we have recommended. In fact, they are the business we have recommended the most.

— John W. in Pensacola, FL

Outstanding Company - Friendly, Dependable & Professional

Have used this service for 10 years. Have been a homeowner for 40 years and have never had a better pest control service. They are honest and stand by their work.

— Mike C. in Pensacola, FL

our services

— BJ N., Milton, FL They provide excellent service. Would never consider changing. Always friendly and willing to help.