How Safe is Pest Control for Family Members and Pets?

The immediate answer to whether or not pest control is safe for everyone in your home is: No. There are, of course, some pre-qualifications for that statement, because not every pest control product is the same. Some are quite toxic, while others offer a green approach to dealing with pests.

Toxicity and Transfer

Toxicity is the biggest problem that people and pets face when it comes to pest control. Pesticides and other toxic substances have a wide array of methods by which they absorb into human and pet's bodies. Aerosols, which we breathe in, contact toxins that absorb through the skin, or ingestible toxins that we eat are all examples of how toxins transfer from a surface to your bodies.

The lesson here is not that we have to live with pests, but instead that careful consideration of the pest control methods that we use is necessary. This includes:

  • The type of pesticides                
  • How we use pesticides
  • Special features of the pesticides
  • Where the pesticide usage occurs

Finding the Safe Way to Use Pesticides

The type of pesticide that you choose is important. There are generalized pesticides that destroy most everything that comes into contact with them. There are specialized pesticides that work with habits of a specific range of pests, which can include baits, such as ant bait or termite bait. Pesticides also come in different forms such as liquids, aerosols, dust, and granules. A primary concern is how we use pesticides, because of the effects of unintentional use. An example would be a pesticide dust that has been applied outdoors and is tracked indoors.

The first place to start when trying to find the safest but most effective pesticide is with the experts at Bug Out Service in Pensacola, who are familiar with green pest solutions. The first thing that they should consider is the type of pest involved. Those two elements - the professional and the type of pest - make a huge difference in how effective a pest management system is.

Pest Management and Prevention

The safest of all pest control programs is a program that focuses on prevention rather than just pest removal. A well-executed prevention program limits the amount of pesticides needed to keep your house and yard free of invasive pests.

Part of all good prevention programs begins with household chores. Keeping the inside of your home free of crumbs, open food containers, and other sources of interest for pests is a good first step. Keeping the outside of your home free of debris is another step in the right direction. Pests use debris as food and as shelter. If there is less to eat and fewer places to live, pests move on to greener pastures. A few good tips:

  • Move garbage cans away from buildings.
  • Rinse recyclables - even a tiny bit of food or drink left in a can or bottle can attract pests.
  • Maintain pet flea control.
  • Work with professionals who understand pest prevention.

If you use pesticides responsibly, the risk they pose to children and pets becomes decreased. There is a lot of truth in the saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." For more information on preventative measures, contact the pest control professionals at Bug Out Service of West Florida.

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I have used Bug Out Service since I arrived in Florida last year. They are always polite and arrive when they say they will. I highly recommend them for your pest needs.

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We have been with Bug Out Service for over twelve years and two homes. Dwight and the Bug Out team were instrumental in the purchase and upkeep of our current home. We don't recommend many businesses to our friends and colleagues but Bug Out is one of the few that we have recommended. In fact, they are the business we have recommended the most.

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My forty plus years in the pest control industry has given me the opportunity to meet many great people including Lee Tate and his family. For 25 years, I have observed firsthand the dedication demonstrated by Bug Out Service of West Florida to their employees and customers. I am convinced Bug Out Service is your best choice for all your pest control needs.

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I’m proud to know Lee Tate and have him as a colleague in the pest control industry. Lee is an extremely hard working, conscientious, and organized business owner that cares about his staff and his clients. Lee is also a Godly man who loves his wife Crystal and daughter Aubrey. The world needs more Lee Tate’s! If I lived in Lee’s area his company, Bug Out Service, would be my pest control company of choice!

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Residential Pest Control

At Bug Out Service, we start protecting your home by conducting a thorough inspection with a focus on areas that attract pests or allow them access to your house. We’ll offer you advice about how you can control pests through preventative steps, and our technicians will perform an initial treatment to rid your home of any existing pests. We will suggest an ongoing, integrated pest management program for your home.

Commercial Pest Control

From office buildings and schools, to restaurants and homeowners associations, we take care of all of your pest control needs. We offer commercial property inspection, environmentally-friendly and effective pest control treatment, and ongoing pest management to ensure control.

Termite Protection

If you've never experienced a termite infestation, it can be hard to understand how much devastation these small pests can cause. Formosan termites in the greater Pensacola area can attack any kind of non-treated wood, or even structures that were treated at one time, but haven't been treated in some time. Bug Out will customize an effective termite protection plan to suit the needs of your home or business. This starts with a complete inspection and evaluation.

Mosquito Control

We offer a monthly service to help you take back your yard. It's this easy: you pick the number of months you want service, and we will help you enjoy your yard again.

Integrated Pest Management

If you prefer a more eco-friendly solution to pest management, we can help! After a thorough inspection of your property, we will identify the pests present and will help you decide whether or not the pest population in and around your home is tolerable. Often what many consider to be "pests" are actually non-harmful insects that control other unwanted bugs and can be beneficial to the ecosystem around your house.